Update those old Christmas decorations!

Here we are again, another Holiday season is upon us! This year, don’t just haul out the old decorations from under the stairs and plop them in the usual places. This year, pull them out, unpack everything and assess the situation. If your decorations are anything like mine, it might be time for an update! Here are a few easy ideas.

  • Throw out anything damaged (or just ugly)
  • Throw out anything you haven’t put out in a few years
  • Pick a focal point in your favorite room and put something new or different in that spot- resist the urge to always do the same thing!
  • Use fresh greens whenever possible
  • Purchase (or make if you’re crafty) a new wreath for your front door.
  • Replace old holiday candles

It’s always a little overwhelming moving into the Holiday season. Simply start by pulling out your decorations, and you’ll be in the spirit in no time!