Best Thanksgiving Tablescape plan!

It’s the beginning of November and it’s still warm in North Florida, but it’s never too early to start planning your Thanksgiving tablescape (not centerpiece!). We’ve put together 5 easy steps to help you create your very best holiday table design, quickly and easily.

1. Clear off your table completely – Interior Designers always try and start with a clean slate

2. Lay down a foundation – This can be a runner, a tablecloth or anything that will lay fairly flat and create a base for the rest of your design

3. Choose a focal point – You table design can focus on the center of the table, or be split into 2 or 3 main elements, or a few items running down the center

Thanksgiving tablescape design

4. Create balance – We are always paying attention to scale and balance when designing a room, but it’s just as important when you are pulling together your Thanksgiving table. Height, color, and the material an item is made of all come into play. For instance, something clear has less “weight” than something made of wood.

Candles on a beautiful Thanksgiving table

5. Add interest with detail – add small items around your main focal points to draw attention and create small points of interest. This is especially important at Thanksgiving because guests will be sitting at your table!

Voila! Your Thanksgiving tablescape is finished. You’ll be glad you started early! There is still plenty of time to make changes or go find the extra items you need. Enjoy the process and relish the compliments!

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