To boldly go where no flower has gone before…

BOLD florals always make a BOLD statement wherever they pop up.  Rugs, fabrics, even fashion are full of “flowers on steroids” cropping (ba dum psh) up in the markets and on the runway. I personally love bold florals and can’t wait to use them in my own home in any way I can – they really liven up a wooden floor or solid color frame chair. Indoor-outdoor fabrics are especially popular in these patterns, and for good reason: nothing says relaxing outdoor patio like fun flowers and lush leaves. Just imagine a neutral cotton fabric upholstered chair with a bright orange floral pillow on your backyard porch.  Our vendors have a great many options for selecting a bold floral accent piece – whether it’s rug, chair, or pillow, we’ll help you find the perfect peony print to add a splash of fun to your home interior.



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