Radiant, sophisticated and lively

Pantone’s 2013 color is no other than the radiant but lively, Emerald.  This versatile color is the perfect shade for those looking to transition from the blues of winter into the celebration of summer. With Pantone’s choice to pick an emerald with just a hint of blue most of those older colors seem to complement it well.  Rather it’s your purple accented dining room or your husband’s favorite chocolate brown chair, this modern flare will only add to enrich the space. By updating your current drab fixtures with Hillary Thomas lamp finials or looking to redo a room around a prized Waterford Crystal Emerald Bowl this hue demands luxury in any setting.  That’s why even if this is not the mood you want for your home the notable beauty of emerald has been found walking the runways and making appearances at dinner parties.  Providing just enough personality and harmony with the trust of being a timeless favorite isn’t about time you went green?