Comfy cushion or wicked wood?

I couldn’t help but take time to mention these little numbers. Although you may think they are upholstered, if you look closer you can see that they’re actually wood, carved to look like they’re not. I really just want to touch the one on the left to make sure that those wrinkles aren’t real! Although not really suitable for either dining or lounging, perhaps you could make use of one of these chairs in a children’s bedroom (they’d look great with any bright color) or patio/outdoor space (as a little twist to the au natural look). It’d even be cute to use as a kitchen desk chair. Can you imagine your guests’ faces when they go to sit down on something cushy and instead hit unflinching hardness? This limited edition, one-of-a-kind look is priced at $4,500 – transforming wood to fabric isn’t easy, you know!