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Best Thanksgiving Tablescape plan!

It’s the beginning of November and it’s still warm in North Florida, but it’s never too early to start planning your Thanksgiving tablescape (not centerpiece!). We’ve put together 5 easy steps to help you create your very best holiday table design, quickly and easily. 1. Clear off your table completely – Interior Designers always try […]

Have you tried this color trend yet?

The paint companies always participate in the yearly Interior Design tradition of selecting one color to be this years version of Miss America. And just like the famous beauty pageant, some are good and some are…. well let’s just say, not so good. This year Sherwin Williams picked Cavern Clay. I saw it again today […]

Green with envy

Look at this kitchen!! I keep harping to my clients to move on already from the safe harbor of a white kitchen! Color is “in”…. it just takes a little courage. And this beauty has a glossy finish to boot!

Yes, more green!

At High Point furniture market this fall, you can’t help but see green everywhere. This new chandelier by Currey & Company really stands out against this fun wallpaper !

Natures Inspiration

When I see a beautiful display like this it makes me want to paint some walls, buy new pillows and change a rug or two!! Open your eyes, look around and find your inspiration!

“Color” of the month

Shell White is Sherwin-Williams October color of the month. I’m not sure I’d call this a color… but a super easy update for any room and will work with almost anything. No courage needed for this one!

No time machine needed!

Wallpaper is BACK and it’s fabulous! Look at this gorgeous toile in blue and white, it really turns this bathroom into a modern day stunner. What might be considered a pretty standard pedestal sink, gets a big boost of style with this wall treatment. Easy to do and doesn’t cost a ton! Do it now […]

Power of art in the home.

Through the ages of time people have always understood the importance of having art in their life. From statues standing in town square to more personal works hanging in their home, art is a key factor in society. Not only is art a great way to record the past but, it also can add that […]

2018 Color of the year!

Wow! Purple! Who’s in? Not sure many people will run out and paint their living rooms indigo, but maybe you can find a place for this fun color somewhere special!

Get your shine on!

If you’re anything like me you take pride and get enjoyment from decorating your home until it has a sense of balance and perfection. Not to mention the time spent picking out the perfect window treatments and furniture that represents your style while still reaming functional.  That’s why it is very important to think about […]