Get your shine on!

If you’re anything like me you take pride and get enjoyment from decorating your home until it has a sense of balance and perfection. Not to mention the time spent picking out the perfect window treatments and furniture that represents your style while still reaming functional. 

That’s why it is very important to think about a room and its entirety and not forget one of the most important elements, lighting. With the addition of that elegant chandelier casting soft light over your dinner table or that perfect lamp accenting your décor you can easy illuminate the true value of any space. Also, with the increasing popularity of the open floor plan a well sculpted light can not only complement a space but help define one room from the other. Remembering to keep in mind the three basic guidelines of adding light to any room of your house; function, mood, and harmony.  Always keeping in mind what you want but also require out of your next interior design project.